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PIXBAR12x3 LED Pixel Bar 12X3W RGB

Ever wanted to create a rolling chase along a wall? Then this is the bar you need. Full pixel control gives you the flexibility to create that rolling chase or special effect. With an easy-to-use LCD panel, you can also choose either a simple RGB mode or full pixel control mode of operation. Perfect for washing walls or the back of a stage for visual effects.



• 3W Tri-colour 3-in-1 RGB LED produce powerful, smooth RGB colour mixing

• Aluminium housing

• Easy setup when using hanging bracket or floor stand on both end

• Smart cooling system, no fan

• 100% flicker-free operation, refresh rate up to 2,940Hz

• 16-bit 4 selectable dimming curve

• 1-30Hz colour strobe effect

• 4-button LCD display control panel


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