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HMR-0882 Remote Control Panel


The HMR-0882 is a remote control panel designed to work together with audio Matrix Controller HMC-8000.

It is used as a remote source selector, volume control, local input panel, local alarm panel and inter-zone paging panel. The HMR-0882 remote control panel has been designed with edit button turning right or left to select the sound source. A volume control is provided over all sources. A dual RCA input and a microphone input are included, each with their own input level control. Local Aux input volume control and local microphone input volume control are available. Press “Express” button then you can use paging from local zone to the selected zone. The communication between the panel and Matrix Controller is through industry standard CAT5 cable. Only one HMR-0882 remote control panel can be used within each zone. 


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