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HMA-2060A Mixer Amplifier 60W
RRP 371.80 includes GST


The Mixer Amplifier is an economical solution for small to medium installations including small restaurants, factories, offices, warehouses, schools, sports centers etc. It offers outstanding performance and featured microphone and auxiliary inputs. Output level is monitored via the LED VU meter. Three are three balanced XLR or 6.35mm Jack inputs. Three RCA stereo sockets are provided on the rear panel. It has 24V DC battery backup. It suits 70/100 V or low impedance (4-16 Ohm) speakers.



  • 60W
  • 3 x Balanced XLR MIC Inputs / 3* 6.35mm Jack Inputs, MIC/LINE Select Switch
  • 3 x Auxiliary Input
  • Selector function
  • Master Volume Control
  • Treble, Bass Volume Control
  • 3 x MIC volume control
  • 1 x AUX volume control
  • Alarm Short Circuit Trigger Connector
  • 24V Battery Backup Connector
  • LED VU Meter
  • 70V/100V or Low Impedance (4-16 Ohm) Output



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