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DASDI1000RGB Animation Laser


DASDI1000RGB - 1W RGB (300mW 650nm Red, 100mW 532nm Green and 600mW 450nm Blue) 20K scanning animation laser with DMX, IDLA and SD card

This is one of the most versatile and high-power small form factor lasers in the market. A full colour 1W laser gives it the power needed for long distance projections. Comes with DMX and IDLA controls. One can even create an ISHOW image and load it onto the SD card for portable customized graphics. Perfect for productions, hires and night clubs. You can program your own images on this Animation Laser.



• Colour LCD display with menu buttons


• Sound active

• Stand alone

• ILDA control

• SD card

• 20Kpps animation capable

• 7 colours

• ISHOW pattern ready



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