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Antari LCU-1

The LCU-1 Liquid Control Unit is the ultimate club system for club installations. The system features a separate,ground-based liquid supply that can be stored wherever is most convenient for the operator. This means no more climbing ladders to fill the empty liquid containers night after night. Fog liquid can be automatically pumped right out of Antari fog liquid containers if desired. Setup is as simple as making the connections from the LCU-1 to the machines as shown in the diagram.


The casing of the machines are designed to fit easily into conventional trussing. With DMX on-board, the machines and the LCU-1 can all be set to the same channel for straightforward operation. In addition, a separate DMX address is given which provides greater control over the effect produced and in this setup, please make sure that each of the machine channels are paired with the LCU-1’s DMX channel.


This way, if the first Z-1200II is activated, the LCU-1 will pump liquid to that machine, when the 2nd Z-1200II is activated, the LCU-1 will pump again and so on. Hence, LCU-1 will not pump liquid unless the LCU-1’s DMX channel is selected and it has satisfied user’s requirement of full control on its performance. LCU-1 has given club operators what they need: complete control and ease of use. And no more ladders to climb!


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